Reporting Syrian Refugees: Building Communities of Understanding

Steven L. Youngblood

Director, Center for Global Peace Journalism
Editor, The Peace Journalist magazine

Friday, 24 April 

12:15-1:15 Classroom 4






Photo: Young Syrian refugees in Jordan's Za'atri camp © UNHCR/A.Rummery 


  • Taught Peace Journalism in Cyprus, the Republic of Georgia, Kenya, the Bronx, NY, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Turkey, South Africa, and Uganda.


  • Launched the Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University in 2012. The center promotes the concepts of peace and peace journalism, including advocating non-violent conflict resolution, through seminars and courses both in the U.S. and abroad, through its website and semi-annual magazine, and through partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals.