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University for Peace, is established by United Nations as higher education institution in the field of peace which is based in San Jose Costa Rica. The organizing committee for that aim would like to extend this Call for Participation to the International Colloquium “Politics, Responsibility and Peace” with special contribution from Prof. Wolfgang Heuer, Free University of Berlin, Germany.

The International Colloquium will take place from 21st to 22nd November, 2017 at the University for Peace, as part of international academic dialogue towards establishing cooperation and considering solutions to the challenges pertaining to 21st Century.

Erosion of the public space and democracy, growing - xenophobia and racism, nationalism, totalitarian regimes, massive human rights abuses, number of rightless and stateless people globally all these aspects represent serious threats to peace locally, regionally and internationally.

The reasons why University for Peace would like to focus in exploring jointly “Politics, Responsibility and Peace” through not only interdisciplinary perspective, but through theoretical and practical approaches as well is due to the fact that the complexity we live in require original and creative solutions, and examining phenomena through encompassing lenses. Another aim is also to be able to retrieve the meaning of politics and its junction with responsibility, towards achieving sustainable peace.

One of the unique approach is offered by the German-Jewish political theorist Hannah Arendt and therefore the International Colloquium would like to seek understandings within her framework, but not exclusively Arendentian. Therefore, any original and unique approach that tackles any of the topic in cross-cutting and interdisciplinary perspective is welcome. Furthermore, we welcome contributions and participation from varieties of academic fields, but as well other fields such as: NGOs and media representatives, UN organization or specialized agencies, individual experts, consultants and etc.

The topics could be context and country specific or theoretical and should focus on but not limited to the questions of:

  • The condition of politics today and how to retrieve its meaning, having in mind growing totalitarianism, xenophobia and racism;
  • Phenomenon of growing nationalism globally;
  • Rethinking of violence;
  • New human rights approaches towards dealing with rightlessness and statelessness;
  • Creation of public spaces through activism;
  • The role of internet as erosion or enforcement of public spaces;
  • Intersection, and compatibility or incompatibility between justice and politics;
  • Political reconciliation, memory and justice;
  • Accountability and responsibility for massive human rights abuses;

Please send your abstract up to 500 words with the title, name and email address to: by 21th October, 2017.

The organizing committee of the International Colloquium aims to publish in the online electronic publication all selected contributions by the Summer, 2018.

University for Peace is not in position to cover any of the costs ensuing from participation at the Colloquium. Each participant is responsible for its travel and other costs.