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The Peace and Conflict Review is a fully peer-reviewed, open-access journal published semi-annually by the University for Peace. Issues generally include a selection of scholarly articles, conference papers, and reviews of academic work. Please visit our homepage ( for further information on our editorial policies and guidelines for contributors.

Africa Peace and Conflict Journal
The aim of the APCJ peer review process is to be rigorous and free of bias, ensuring that only high-quality, innovative work is published. The interdisciplinary emphasis of APCJ seeks to encourage the building of the field, combining the disciplines of peace and conflict studies, development, and human and social security in Africa. For more information vist our website at


The Peace & Conflict Monitor is an online forum for informed debate and peace journalism. Drawing on contributions from the students, researchers, and journalists who make up the majority of its wide readership, the PCM offers unique perspectives on current events from around the world. To join in on the discussion, please contact


Open Knowledge Network. The University for Peace (UPEACE), within its mandate given to it by the UN General Assembly to serve humanity as a whole, is committed to the ethos of sharing knowledge openly and proactively. In this spirit of openness and accessibility, UPEACE has launched the Open Knowledge Network. This open access network will serve as an online platform to distribute some of the most relevant and timely research as well as teaching materials and other learning resources produced by our students, resident and visiting faculty and collaborators, for all to be used for their own benefit under a Creative Commons license. In the future, we will seek to also make these contents more easily available in formats compatible with mobile devices and under circumstances of lower bandwidth capacities.

The UPEACE Africa Programme has published a variety of titles of interest to students, researchers, and practitioners in the field of peace and conflict studies, particularly those with an African focus. These include collections of critical essays, original research, and reference books on the key human rights documents of the African Union, common terms in the field of peace studies, etc.