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The Peace Innovation Initiative (PII) is built to create a global culture of peace through peace-inspired innovation. In partnership with the University for Peace, founded in 1980, PII is building an ecosystem for sustainable peacebuilding by bringing all society sectors together and harnessing their relative strengths and insights to innovate for change. PII envisions a world where our global systems are built on a foundational framework for sustainable, positive peace. In order to create such a world, PII will: invest in original, collaborative research on peace & technology; build a digital peace education platform; design & build peace innovation projects and products; create commercialization opportunities for peace innovations; engage in high-level media campaigns and public talks; and build and offer training and consultation to the private sector and interested institutions on peace, peace innovation and integration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). PII will operate in a self-sustaining manner, where PII’s outputs support its infrastructure, in a circular model. In this way, PII values peace as a practice and believes such circular systems are the most effective way to create positive change and achieve the SDGs.

Click here to visit the UPEACE Peace Innovation Initiative page and find out more about this initiative.