Certificate Programmes

Explore diverse Certificate Programmes that blend education with innovation to meet modern demands and ensure your success in an ever-changing world. Our flexible curriculum caters to professionals enhancing conflict resolution skills and those eager to make a positive impact globally.

Enroll in our programmes for more than just a certificate; gain a passport to opportunities where your skills drive positive change across industries. Join a community dedicated to creating a better world and embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter, more peaceful future. Participants will have the opportunity to complete the program within a six-month period, between September and March.

Become part of a global network of change-makers shaping a harmonious and sustainable world.

Certificate in Development Studies and Diplomacy (UPEACE-UNITAR)

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Certificate in International Law and Diplomacy (UPEACE-UNITAR)

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Certificate in International Law & the Settlement of Disputes (UPEACE-UNITAR)

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Certificate in Gender and Development (UPEACE-UNITAR)

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Certificate in Media and Peace

Certificate in Gender and Peacebuilding

Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies

Certificate in Human Mobility, Conflict, and Climate Change

Certificate in Peace Education