The University for Peace does not have on-campus housing options. However, our Housing Assistant is ready and eager to guide students in their search for the perfect accommodations. Housing options include bedrooms in a family stay, studio apartments, and shared houses/apartments. The price varies depending on the student’s budget. Every effort is made to match each student’s needs with appropriate price, location and amenities. The housing locations vetted by UPEACE are all in El Rodeo, Ciudad Colon and surrounding areas. The majority of the housing options include the basic services (water, electricity, TV Cable and wireless internet) in the monthly rate.  

1. Bedroom with a host family or single host: Students will have the opportunity to live with a Costa Rican host family or single host learning more about the culture, food and language. The student will have his/her own room and privacy in order to study and get some rest time.  Costs may vary depending on the type of room (size, with own/shared bath, etc.) and amenities offered by the host (s).  In most cases, rent includes two meals (Monday through Friday) and three meals (weekends), as well as laundry and room cleaning once a week. Costs start at $375 USD per month.

2. 1-3 bedroom apartment/studio: All apartments/studios are fully furnished and equipped with the basic appliances so that students can live independently.  These vary in cost, depending on the size, location and amenities offered.  Rent includes utilities and internet service is provided. Students are responsible for communicating with the owner and keeping the facility in proper order.  Costs are between $380 – $900 USD per month.

3. 3-4 bedroom house: Students may be able to choose a house and share the place and rent with other students.  These facilities are fully furnished and basic appliances, bedding and kitchen utensils are provided for students to live independently.  Students are responsible for communicating with the owner and keeping the facility in proper order. Costs are between $900 – $1,200 USD per month.

4. Own accommodation: Students may search and arrange accommodation on their own. However, the University for Peace will not be responsible for any situation resulting from misunderstandings between the parties in question. Unfortunately, we do not offer housing options in the Escazu, Santa Ana and San Jose areas, since we cannot guarantee transportation for all students to these areas. However, if you are planning to arrange your accommodation there, please contact us at housing@upeace.org for assistance.