M.A. in Environment, Development, and Peace



Application Deadline

31 May 2024

M.A. in Environment, Development, and Peace

The Master of Arts Degree in Environment, Development, and Peace (EDP) provides comprehensive training in issues of sustainable development, environmental governance, natural resource management, and environmental conflicts from both ecological and social justice perspectives. It encompasses a broad range of subjects and themes, including Food Systems, Water Management, Indigenous perspectives Forestry, Coastal Resources, Climate Justice, Urban Sustainability, Gender, and Social Movements. The programme focuses on the human dimensions of the environment-development nexus, highlighting the connections between local perspectives and broader processes at the national, regional and global levels and emphasizing the importance of political economic structures and inequity as a key driver in environmental conflict and global environmental change. The programme prepares students for a wide range of careers in both environmental and development policy and programming in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.” 

In our programme, you will learn contemporary frameworks and tools to analyze and address key sustainability issues from a social & environmental justice perspective. You will become skilled researchers and communicators on environmental and development challenges and solutions. Specific skills include: 1) critical social justice analyses of environmental topics, 2) social research methodologies (including critical approaches to research, feminist, Indigenous, decolonizing), 3) data analysis, 4) applied research and publication skills, 5) gender analyses and more. Furthermore, you will build large international networks of collaborators to help you further your professional goals.

About the Programme

Resident Faculty

Dr. Olivia Sylvester

Department Head & Associate Professor

Dr. Jan Breitling

Associate Professor

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