M.A. in Religion, Culture, and Peace Studies



Application Deadline

31 May 2024

M.A. in Religion, Culture, and Peace Studies

Established by the Dr. ALISSA Fellowship Programme, the M.A. in Religion, Culture, and Peace Studies has been designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in contexts related to peace and conflict studies that are entangled with aspects of religious and cultural traditions. Acknowledging the critical role that religion and culture play in being a motivation for or a factor in the resolution of conflicts, this programme takes an interdisciplinary and dynamic approach to deal with a range of issues, including the theoretical and practical aspects crucial to engage with the study of different traditions, and cultivating nuanced insights in the ways in which the ideal of peace can be furthered through relevant resources belonging to the domains of religion and culture. Multiple traditions from across the world will be explored throughout the year using practical cases and diverse perspectives in tandem with aspects such as raceethnicityclasswomen’s rights, and ability, among others.

This programme is co-sponsored by the Muslim World League, the Pontifical Lateran University, and the World Jewish Congress.

About the Programme

Resident Faculty

Dr. Adriana Salcedo

Department Head

Dr. Stephanie Knox

Assistant Professor

Dr. Uzma Rashid

Associate Professor

Dr. Mauricio Vieira

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mirian Vilela

Director, Earth Charter International

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